Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Overheard while on vacation

Little Dog, after sniffing my arm: "Mama, why do you smell like sun scream?"

Mr Dog took pride in showing off the wheat that still grows along the road near his childhood home.
"This is wheat. Wheat is used to make flour, which makes bread and cookies and cakes. See, it still grows here from when this was a wheat field before Grandma and Grandpa built the house here."
Big Dog replies, "How nice for them."
Mr. Dog is still uncertain if he was honestly pleased or just being subtle with his sarcasm.

Little Dog, helping Mr. Dog close the windows in their bedroom, "Good thing this window has a scream on it." (Ok, that's two with the screen-scream error, but it's really freakin' cute!)

While driving to the Colorado Railroad Museum as I was enjoying the scenery, Big Dog exclaims, "I like Colorado!"
"Yeah? What do you like?" I ask, expecting to hear about the horses, the mountains or the bunnies that seem to be everywhere.
"They speak English here!"


geekymummy said...

The racket mine make when I apply it to them, sun scream is quite apt, so I have started to call it that myself!

Fremont Mama said...

Thanks for the laugh!

e. said...

so durn cute-- love the ENGLISH speaking part; you guys must take your kids to really exotic locals!

followthatdog said...

Actually E, He's never been out of the states or in a non-English speaking country. Later he said, "Mama, I wish Americans could live in Colorado." And we had to correct him on that too. Don't know why he thought it was not part of the US, but apparently he did.

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