Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grab Bag: Stolen

Today was the second Tuesday in my sabbatical.  My plans were to spend this time with two goals, writing and fitness, two things I have frequently neglected as I juggle work, motherhood and life in general.  Unfortunately as I ran on the treadmill (or perhaps as I unfortunately ran on the treadmill since I am not a graceful runner) my phone rang, it was Mr. Dog calling to let me know that Little Dog arrived at school without his backpack today.  Well, technically he said that Little Dog forgot his backpack, but when it comes down to it the adult that delivers the children to the school is responsible for making sure they have all of their required accessories, but that's all just details at this point.  The fact was that Little Dog had no backpack and thus, no lunch.  I was required to cut my run short and deliver the forgotten item.  After I dropped off the lunch, I ended up helping out in the lunchroom before heading home. 

When I got near the house, I picked up the required foods to make dinner then got ready to write.  About that time, my phone rang.  Big Dog was in the office not feeling well.  I needed to pick him up.  I set aside my writing and drove to the school only to discover I'd given the booster seat from Mr. Dog's car to my car this morning in order to help transport a friend to school.  I called the school to let them know there was a glitch in the pick up but I'd be back before too long.  I got a booster, picked up Big Dog and took him home.

He really wasn't feeling well, I got him settled in my bed, rearranged my pilates class scheduled for tomorrow morning and cancelled any other appointments that might be disrupted by me having a sick child at home.  Once this work was done, I picked the laptop up thinking I could at least put some of the ideas I'd had brewing in my head onto paper before they disappeared into my thought abyss.  I was just getting started when the phone rang.  It was the after school program.  Apparently Little Dog was having a bad afternoon and had decided it was a great idea to shove a kid who was pissing him off.  After shoving the kid he refused to talk to the counselors about what happened, so they were asking me to pick him up.

Again, I set aside my writing work and picked up my errant child.  So much for today, maybe tomorrow will be more productive.  At any rate, today was not a great day for focusing on my goals.  Being a mother, while amazing for sure, has a special way of stealing time from other pursuits. I went from being rich with "me time" to being a mom-taxi in just three phone calls.  Top that.

As a theme for the Grab Bag today, I want to hear about something you have had stolen.  It can be a real object or something less tangible (for example, my stolen day).

Link back in the comments and grab the code below for your post.


berlee said...

ohmygod, remember to ask me next time we talk about my sentient 1976 280zx that was stolen by a dead junkie, and then again when it was long dead, and then again when it had supposedly gone to the chop shop. too much to type here and when my child is awake and pulling at me.

Green said...

So when I moved to Noe Valley, I had a Cah-RAZY roommate. I was not doing well financially, and had allocated some money for this and some for that, all in my one checking account. I was so scared I'd spend allocated money that I took out the most important allocated money in cash - the money representing the security deposit I owed my last roommate. And the crazy roommate stole it, and then denied it. The old roommate wound up taking me to small claims court and suing me for that and lots of other money. A mess, I tell you.

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