Friday, May 9, 2008

Every so often a mommy needs a new "do"

Last time I made a big haircut transition, I went from long layers to a exaggerated a-line bob. I've had this cut before, back when I was young and stylish, and I liked the way it felt. It looks finished with very little work and it helps me to overcome my tendency to pull my hair back into a lazy woman ponytail six or seven days a week. So I've been rockin' my bob for about a year, maybe longer and most days I'm really happy with it. Until tragedy struck.

I was sitting in the kiddie hair salon with the boys while they were getting their shaggy mops trimmed into presentable form, and I picked up the store's copy of Parenting magazine. Quick aside, I hate this magazine but somehow, through some online purchase that was delivered to my office, I now receive a free subscription. I'm sure people wonder just what is wrong with me when I swear at my inbox and chuck the magazine into the recycle heap as soon as it arrives. Now back to the story. I'm skimming the magazine and come across an article on the "Hot New Mommy Cuts!" and they've listed my current cut as the top new mommy cut! And they say it like it's a good thing! For the love of all that is good and holy, I got this cut to look less like a mommy, not to top the style charts for mommy hair. And if the editors of Parenting magazine happen to come across this blog, you should know that labeling any haircut a mommy cut is cruel. No one wants a mommy cut, well, maybe Mrs. Duggar, but I don't look to her for fashion advice.

So now I'm stuck trying to think of my next big non-mommy cut. Thanks a lot Parenting, you've ruined my good thing.

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Crunchy Carpets said...

yeah I try to convince my hairdresser that I do more than soccer and playdates and really need something hip..hah hah

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